Opland Juvel

The Opland Juvel aquavit celebrates almost 150 years of dedicated craftmanship. Juvel, meaning jewel, is a blend of our oldest and most exclusive aquavit vintages from as far back as 1929. Generations of our distillers, product developers and blenders have applied their best technical knowledge and expertise to produce the unique aquavit in this blend.


We are proud to have applied Norwegian craftsmanship throughout the successful creation of this remarkable aquavit. So, a big thank you to our blenders and coopers, and the glass-smiths, designers, tinsmiths, leather workers and engravers that each helped us achieve Opland Juvel.


Skål! We salute you all.

At over 15,000 NOK per bottle, Opland Juvel is officially the most expensive aquavit in the world. Yet, of the 19 Opland Juvel allocated to the Norwegian market, all sold out immediately. Opland plans to place the remaining 11  bottles at select outlets in Europe and on international auction sites.


Opland is proud to have collaborated with some of Norway’s most talented artisans and designers to bring you Opland Juvel. Based on our oldest and most exclusive aquavits from our Paradise Cellar.


Opland Juvel’s blend exudes all the exquisite flavours and aromas from the spices and cask maturation. The rich aromas of vanilla, roasted nuts, coffee, coconut, dark chocolate and caramel brittle from the oak casks wonderfully complement the notes from spices including rye, anise, liquorice and warm citrus, along with the intense flavours of dried fruits such as apricot from the sherry residue leftover in the wood of the casks.

Opland Juvel is bottled in an elegant mouth-blown crystal decanter, skilfully crafted by Magnor Glassverk, a Norwegian master glasswork company established in 1896. Each decanter is numbered and beautifully presented in a solid wooden box – precision made from century-old staves once used to age Opland aquavit.


The wooden box is designed by renowned Norwegian designer Sverre Uhnger. We believe his design is the most ideal packaging for our most exclusive aquavit to date, reflecting Opland’s deep-rooted values of craftsmanship, heritage, pride, modesty and exclusiveness. Having studied at Aalto University and Bergen National Academy of Art and Design, Sverre’s primary focus is creating products that feel natural, besides emphasizing the inherent qualities of their materials and production techniques.



Our ex-sherry oak casks are the inspiration for the decanter shape of Opland Juvel. The casks also inspired the label, which symbolizes the iron hoops used by our coopers to hold a cask's staves in place. The overall idea is that the packaging reflects the premium quality of the aquavit, yet at the same time exhibits Opland's strong belief in keeping all elements as natural as possible.