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The Story of Opland

Opland was born in 1872 and originates from the Oppland region of Norway, an area renowned for potato farming and the cradle of true Norwegian Aquavit.
Here farmers worked the land, often under harsh conditions. With Norway’s highest mountains present on the horizon, they were constantly reminded that effort and time could lead you all the way to the top – and to perfection.
So, no matter the challenges, the farmers of Oppland kept their balance and carried on, creating Opland – the world’s most balanced cask matured aquavit, also known as the most prestigious.

Cask maturation


The sherry oak casks may vary in age from a couple of years to 100 years. Depending on their age and origin, the casks will provide the aquavit with different qualities:
Young casks give more colour and sherry flavours to the aquavit, while older casks can mature extra-long matured aquavits to perfection. American oak offers light vanilla flavours, while European oak usually brings heavier dried fruit notes.
The art of the blender is to combine the casks to create the true taste of Opland Aquavit.
The maturation process lasts from 24 months to 18 years, during which time the spices, the remains of the sherry and the cask flavours all contribute to Opland’s nuanced, round and balanced taste. Then Opland is ready to be enjoyed – real slow, that is.

Our Expertise

Like all true Norwegian aquavits, Opland is made solely from fine alcohol distilled from potatoes. But very few premium aquavits are based on such meticulously skilful craftsmanship and long maturation as Opland.
Opland’s old, secret recipe is known only by our blenders. One part of the recipe has to do with the spices.
The other part concerns the special blend of casks because, after its distillation, Opland is poured into seasoned sherry casks, known in the spirits industry to be the very best for maturing spirits.
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