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The Double matured Opland Edel Madeira received Double Gold in the International Spirits Challenge and gold in San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021. 


Double matured Opland Edel  has an extra balanced and full-bodied taste. It is first matured in sherry casks, then finished in Maderia or Port casks. This double maturation integrates the spices into the final blend, allowing the exciting cask aromas of vanilla and wood to step forward and mix with delicious hints of Madeira or Port.


Opland Edel Madeira and Edel Port have matured for many years in two types of casks. First they have matured for more than four years in old sherry oak casks before finishing off in old madeira or port casks.

The long cask maturation provides the aquavit with extra rounding and character.

Opland Edel is the perfect sipping aquavit. Best enjoyed at room temperature.

Opland_Edel_MadeiraPort_low res.png
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