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Opland Aquavit has a round and balanced taste. It is both milder, more nuanced and well-balanced than any other aquavit, thanks to its complex mix of spices and extra-long maturation. Apart from a much gentler caraway taste, the maturation brings through the rich taste of citrus and anise from the spices and allows the cask-aromas of vanilla, oak and sherry to really come into their own.


Opland is based on an old recipe from the Oppland region of  Norway – and has been produced since 1872 on the Oplandske Spritfabrikk. This aquavit has been extensively matured (for 24 months) in seasoned sherry oak casks, which has balanced the caraway with other spices and cask flavour, leaving more room for the other spices and cask-aromas.


Opland is the most popular aquavit in Norway – and the most well-balanced aquavit in the world.

It’s perfect for sipping – and can also be combined with traditional Norwegian food.


An extra long maturation for a period of eight years in our best barrels gives the Opland Juleaquavit an elegant and well-balanced taste. The Juleaquavit represents the finest of craftmanship traditions developed for centuries and is the best companion to go with the rich flavours and aromas of Christmas.

How and when to enjoy

A rich and rounded taste with complex flavours of caraway, spices and dried fruit, and cask aromas like vanilla and caramel brittle makes the Juleaquavit elegant, soft and well balanced. This aquavit is best enjoyed at room temperature and an equally perfect fit for both traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes, desserts or a cup of coffee.

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