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Opland Aquavit is made using the original 1872 recipe from the Oplandske Spritfabrik. However, Opland Single Cask gives an unparalleled experience in showing the cask’s importance for the aquavit’s maturation and taste.

These single casks are limited edition aquavit (less than 800 bottles each).

Perfect for sipping with a friend.

Single Cask no. 06220 has matured for 14 years in a former Cognac Cask made from French oak. It has notes of dried fruit, butter caramel, and a rich fruity taste of Cognac with a long and warm finish.

Single Cask no. 11284 is a 7 years old aquavit matured in a chestnut tree cask that formerly has matured cherry liqueur. It has a long finish with notes of stone fruits, cherry liqueur and marzipan.

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